Town of Manlius Brush Collection

Town of Manlius Brush Collection

Waste Removal and Recycling for Manlius, New York

1. Christmas tree collection week of January 11, 2016 and January 25, 2016.

2. Summer collection from April - Starting week of April 11, 2016
a. Collection to continue every other week after until December

3. Residents must be registered with the Town of Manlius @ 315-637-8815 to receive service.

4. To determine your collection day, contact Syracuse Haulers or the Town of Manlius offices. 

5. Refer to "Holiday Schedules" to identify those holidays where there is a one day delay in collection.

6. All brush must be placed curbside or at the edge of pavement in front of each property the night prior to designated collection day.

7. Collection takes place between the hours of 6am to 5pm. Inclement weather may create delays.

8. Collection of brush to include leaves, vegetation (pumpkin and apples), tree and shrub branches, grass clippings, Christmas trees and other acceptable yard waste.

9. Brush should be tied in bundles with twine or string or placed in rigid plastic, metal or burlap containers.

10. No materials will be collected in trash or plastic bags (they are not recyclable).

11. Containers and bundles of brush may not weigh more than 50 lbs. each and bundles may not exceed 5 feet in length.

12. Christmas trees may not have ornaments or tree stands attached.

13. Items which are not to be included in brush are:
a. Construction and demolition materials
b. Lot clearing waste
c. Trees that have been removed, stumps or limbs and branches that exceed 3 inches in diameter.
d. Rocks and sod
e. Rubbish, garbage, refuse and recyclables
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